International Airport of Mashhad

International Airport of Mashhad


International Airport of Mashhad

International Airport of Shahid Hashemi Nejad is one of the major airports of Iran located in Mashhad City. In terms of transferring passengers and reserving tickets, this departing place of airplanes is the 2nd airport of Iran after Mehrabad. About 7 million passengers come to this airport that 27000 of them are pilgrims of Imam Reza and 208000 of them are pilgrims of Mecca. There are separate halls for national and international flights.


The airport is located in southeastern part of Mashhad. There are two big airstrips which have capacity for biggest airplanes like Airbuses and Boeings.

خواندن این نوشته ها توصیه می شود


In the past, there was a dirt field here, but gradually the airport was built and now developing and construction of it is continued.

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