Interesting Facts About Tabriz

Interesting Facts About Tabriz


Interesting Facts About Tabriz

Tabriz is one of the biggest and industrial cities of Iran and the center of East Azerbaijan province. Be with Dorna Trip to know amazing facts of Tabriz.

خواندن این نوشته ها توصیه می شود

  1. Antiquity of the city dates back to Parthian era.
  2. Tabriz was capital of Iran during different periods like Khwarazmian, Ilkhanid and Safavid.
  3. Tabriz was the 5th biggest city in the world in 1500.
  4. Based on statistics, Tabriz is the safest city among big cities of Iran.
  5. There is no beggar in Tabriz or at least they are a few.
  6. There are countless underpasses and overpasses in Tabriz.
  7. In recent years, Tabriz has been chosen as the most developed city of Iran.
  8. The city has been leveled to ground by strong earthquakes during different periods, but she has been rebuilt again.
  9. The first teahouse was built in Tabriz.
  10. First governmental library was built in Tabriz.
  11. First urban train started working in Tabriz. The train was like a carriage.
  12. First modern restaurant was established in Tabriz.
  13. First modern hotel of Iran was built in Tabriz.
  14. First cinema of Iran opened in Tabriz 5 years after the first one in the world.
  15. First trading party was held in Tabriz.
  16. First municipality of Iran was built in Tabriz.
  17. First street telephone stations of Iran were built in Tabriz.
  18. Fire station of Tabriz is the first fire station of Iran.
  19. University of Tabriz is the 2nd university of Iran built after Tehran university.
  20. Market of Tabriz is the biggest roofed market in the world.
  21. Municipality palace of Tabriz is the first museum of Iran.

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