Bagh-e Sangi; A Garden with Fruits Made of Stone

Bagh-e Sangi; A Garden with Fruits Made of Stone


Bagh-e Sangi; A Garden with Fruits Made of Stone

It is possible for trees to be blown down but is it possible for them to produce stones instead of fruits? Keep reading so that myDorna would answer to this question.


In Kerman province and city of Sirjan, there is a garden which has trees from which instead of fruits, stones are dangling. This garden has a hexagonal shape and was belonged to Mr. Darvish Khan Esfandyar Pour in the past.

You May Ask That Why The Trees of This Garden Have Stones Instead of Fruits?

In the year of 1340, when the government operated territorial divisions policy, Mr. Darvish Khan Esfandyar Pour, a deaf mute person, lost his farms. So, he decided to complain about this policy and didn’t plant anything in his farm. Eventually, after some years, the trees of his garden were seared; therefore, he hung some stones to the trees to express his dissatisfaction.

خواندن این نوشته ها توصیه می شود

In the year of 1386, Mr. Darvish Khan Esfandyar Pour died and was buried in this garden.

How to Get There?

Bagh-e Sangi is located in 40 kilometers of north of Sirjan city, Kerman province. The best vehicle to get there, is car.

[icon name=”map-marker” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Address: Iran, Kerman province, 40 kilometers of Sirjan city, Bagh-e Sangi

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